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LIU Zhengang
Highest Education  
  18 Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
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Education and Appointments:

Dr. Zhengang Liu is a Professor at the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (RCEES, CAS). He received his Ph.D. degree from the RCEES, CAS in 2009. Then he was appointed as an Assistant Specialist and Associate researcher at the Nagoya University and National university of Singapore from 2009 to 2014. He was appointed as a Professor at the RCEES, CAS. Dr. Ge’s research has been published more than 50 SCI papers in many esteemed journals including Applied catalysis B: Enviroentmal, Applied energy, Fuel, Bioresource Technology, ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, etc.

Research Interest:

Treatment and recycling of waste biomass;  Generation of high quality bio-fuel and production of functional biomaterials from waste biomass;Environmental assessment of the application of solid biomass derived bio-fuel and biomaterial

Public Services:

Selected Publications:

1. Tingting Liu, Zhengang Liu*, Qingfu Zheng, Qianqian Lang, Yu Xia, Nana Peng, Chao Gai. Effect of hydrothermal carbonization on migration and environmental risk of heavy metals in sewage sludge during pyrolysis. Bioresource Technology 2018;247:282-290.

2. Chao Gai, Fang Zhang, Yanchuan Guo, Nana Peng, Tingting Liu, Qianqian Lang, Yu Xia, Zhengang Liu*. Hydrochar-supported, in-situ generated nickel nanoparticles for sorption-enhanced catalytic gasification of sewage sludge. ACS Sustainable Chemistry&Engineering 2017;5:7613-7622. 

3. Tingting Liu, Yanchuan Guo, Nana Peng, Qianqian Lang, Yu Xia, Chao Gai, Zhengang Liu*. Nirogen transformation among char, tar and gas during pyrolysis of sewage sludge and corresponding hydrochar. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 2017;126:298-306.  

4. Tingting Liu, Yi Li, Nana Peng, Qianqian Lang, Yu Xia, Chao Gai, Qingfu Zheng, Zhengang Liu*. Heteroatoms doped porous carbon derived from hydrothermally treated sewage sludge: structure characterization and environmental application. Journal of Environmental Management 2017;197:151-158. 

5. Nana Peng, Yi Li, Tingting Liu, Qianqian Lang, Chao Gai, Zhengang Liu*. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and toxic heavy metals in municipal solid waste and corresponding hydrochars.  Energy and Fuel 2017;31:1665-1671. 

6. C. Gai, F. Zhang, Q. Lang, T. Liu, N. Peng, Z. Liu*. Facile one-pot synthesis of iron nanoparticles immobilized into the porous hydrochar for catalytic decomposition of phenol. Appl Catal B: Environ 2017;204:566-76.  

7. Zhengang Liu*, Yanchuan Guo, Balasubramanian R., Kent Hoekman S. Mechanical stability and combustion characteristics of hydrochar/lignite blend pellets. Fuel 2016;164:59-65.

8. Chao Gai, Yanchuan Guo, Tingting Liu, Nana Peng, Zhengang Liu*. Hydrogen-rich gas production by steam gasification of hydrochar derived from sewage sludge. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2016;41:3363-3372.

9. Zhengang Liu*, Fang Zhang, S Kent Hoekman, Tingting Liu, Chao Gai, Nana Peng. Homogeneously dispersed zerovalent uron nanoparticles supported on hydrochar-derived porous carbon. Simple, In situ synthesis and use for de-chlorination of PCBS. ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering 2016;4:3261-3267.

10. Chao Gai, Yanchuan Guo, Nana Peng, Tingting Liu, Zhengang Liu*. N-doped biochar derived from co-hydrotermal carbonization of rice husk and chlorella pyrenoidosa for enhancing copper ions adsorption. RSC Adv 2016;6:53713-53722.

11. Zhengang Liu*, Fang Zhang, Tingting Liu, Nana Peng, Chao Gai. Removal of azo dye by a highly graphitized and heteratom doped carbon derived from fish waste: adsorption equilibrium and kinetics. Journal of Environmental Management 2016;182:446-454.

12. Nana Peng, Yi Li, Tingting Liu, Chao Gai, Zhengang Liu*. Emission, distribution and toxicity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) during municipal solid waste (MSW) and coal co-combustion. Science of The Total Environment 2016;565:1201-1207.

13. Nana Peng, Zhengang Liu*, Tingting Liu, Chao Gai. Emissions of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) during hydrothermally treated municipal solid waste combustion for energy generation. Applied Energy 2016;184:396-403.

14. Chao Gai, Mengjun Chen, Zhengang Liu*. Gasification characteristics of hydrochar and pyrochar derived from sewage sludge. Energy 2016;113:957-965.

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