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KANG Yuehui
Highest Education  
  18 Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Zip Code  

Education and Appointments:

Dr. Kang obtained his B.Sc degree from the Department of Chemistry, Hebei Normal University in 1987, and D.Phil. Degree from Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry,CAS in 1999. He then did his postdoctoral research in the Research Center for Eco-Environment Sciences,CAS in 2000.1-2002.4 and Center for Environment Sciences in Saitama, Japan in 2002.5-2004.5 as JSPS postdoctoral Fellow respectively. He joined Research Center for Eco-environmental Sciences as associate professor in 2004.6. Between 2005.7-12, he worked as visiting research Scholar in Hongkong Baptist University. He worked as Marie Curie Research Fellow in the school of Life Sciences, University of Sussex, UK by receiving the Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships of EU in 2007.4-2009.4. He was selected as Introduce outstanding technical personnel of CAS in 2010.He promoted to Professor in 2011.3.  Dr. Kang has published more than 50 peer reviewed papers in Chinese and International journals. He focus on the analytical chemistry of POPs by GC/MS/MS,LC/MS/MS. And he also interested at related science issues of Environmental Speciman Banks.

Research Interest:

1.Environmental Analytical Chemistry of Persistent Organic Pollutants by GC\MS\MS and LC\MS\MS.

2.Environment Speciman Banks and related research works

3.Methods development of Environmental Analytical Instrument and the performance expand in environmental sciences.

Public Services:
Member, Society: Sustainability & Alternative Energy, University of Sussex, UK


1. Introduce Outstanding Technical Personal of Chinese Academy Sciences,2010.

2.Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship,2006

3.JSPS post-doctoral Research Fellow,2002

Selected Publications:

1.Kang Yuehui, Sheng Guoying, Fu Jiamo, Mai Bixian, Zhang Gan,Lin Zheng, Min Yushun. Preliminary study of the distribution and characteristics of PCBs in some of surface sediment from Pearl River Delta. Marine Pollution Bullinton, 2000, 40(9): 974-977.

2.Yue-hui Kang, Guo-ying Sheng, Jia-mo Fu, Wang Zi-jian. Deposition record of organochlorinated pesticides in a sedimentary core in Macao estuary, Pearl River. Journal of Environmental Sciences and Health Part A, 2001, A36(10): 1873-1890.

3.Yue-hui Kang, Guo-ying Sheng, Jia-mo Fu, Bi-xian Mai. Elimination of organochlorine pesticides and quality assurance/quality control for the determination of polychloobiphenyls in sediment samples. Fenxi Huaxue, 1999, 27(11): 1258-1263.(Chinese)

4.Yue-hui Kang, Pei-bin Liu, Zi-jian Wang and Yi-bing Lu. Journal of lake Sciences,2003, 15(2): 125-131.

5.Yue-hui Kang, Guo-ying Sheng, Fang-bai Li, Jia-mo Fu, Wang Zi-jian. Depositional History record of Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in core sediments from Pearl River Mouth,China. Acta Scienntiae Circumstantie. 2005, 25(1): 45-51.

6.Dong Cao, Zhidong Wang,, Chunguang Hanb, , Lin Cui, Ming Hu, Jingjing Wu, Yongxue Liu,Yaqi Cai, Hailin Wang, Yuehui Kang?. Quantitative Detection of trace perfluorinated compounds in environmental water samples by Matrix-assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization –Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry with 1,8-bis(tetra-methyl-guanidino)-naphthaleneas matrix. Talanta, 2011,   

7.Dong Cao,Ming Hu,Chunguang Han, Jiyao Yu, Lin Cui,Yongxue Liu, Yaqi Cai, Hailin Wang and Yuehui Kang* . Photoacid generator formation for the selective enrichment of perfluoroalkyl sulfonates and their direct analysis by MALDI-TOF-MS. Analyst, 2011,  

Supported Projects:

1.Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship(EU): Treatment of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Wastewater (TRENDIC),University of Sussex,MIIF1-CT-2006-038977.(2007/04/10---2009/04/09)

2.Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences, FY2002 JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers,JSPS/FF1/185: Mechanism and Control of Hydrogen Sulfate production in landfill sites。(2002/05/10---2004/05/09)

3.NSFC: Environmental behavior and eco-toxicity of persistent organic pollutants in wastewater irrigated soils.(NSFC-40171050)(2002.01-2004.12)

4.National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program) : Persistent Organic Pollutants’s contamination situation survey and  ecology and health effect studies of Guanting Reservoir/Yongdinghe River;(NKBRSF-G1999045710)

5.the Scientific Research Starting Foundation for Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, Ministry of Education ,China: ;[2006]331.

6.China Post-doctoral Sciences Funding(No. 2040401),2000.

7.CAS K.C, Wong Post-doctoral Research Award Fund,(No.2000032),2001.1.

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