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  Deputy director
Highest Education  
  18 Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
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Education and Appointments:

Formal Education:

·East China University of Science and Technology, BS Environmental Engineering, 1985 (Shanghai, China)

·Dalian University of Foreign Language, Japanese training, 1986 (Dalian, China)

·Hiroshima University, MS Environmental Engineering, 1989 (Hiroshima, Japan)

·Hiroshima University, PhD Environmental Engineering, 1992 (Hiroshima, Japan)

Professional Service:

·1992-1998     Research scientist, Central Laboratory, Organo Co., Japan

·1998-present     Professor, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, CAS

·2000-present     Director, SKLEAC, RCEES, CAS

Research Interest:
Behavior of hazardous pollutants (including taste/odor compounds and pathogens) in water;Risk assessment and management for drinking water; Water and wastewater treatment technologies;  Microbial ecology.
Public Services:
Director of Northern Center of Sewage Systems for Rural Area, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, China; Member of program committee of IWA; Chair of Specialist Committee of Microbial Ecology, Ecological Society of China.

Selected Publications:

1. Dong Li, Tao Yu, Yu Zhang, Min Yang*, Zhen Li, Miaomiao Liu, Rong Qi.  Antibiotic resistance characteristics of environmental bacteria from an oxytetracycline production wastewater treatment plant and the receiving river, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 2010, 76(11):3444-3451.

2. Dong Li, Min Yang*, Jianying Hu, Jing Zhang, Ruyin Liu, Xin Gu, Yu Zhang , Zhenyu Wang. Antibiotic-resistance profile in environmental bacteria isolated from penicillin production wastewater treatment plant and the receiving river, Environmental Microbiology, 2009, 11(6): 1506-1517.

3. Tao Yu, Rong Qi, Dong Li, Yu Zhang, Min Yang*. Nitrifier characteristics in submerged membrane bioreactors under different sludge retention times, Water Research, 2010,44(9):2823-2830.

4. Min Yang*, Jianwei Yu, Zonglai Li, Zhaohai Guo, Michael Burch, Tsair-Fuh Lin. Taihu Lake Not to Blame for Wuxi’s Woes, Science,2008,319:158.

5.Yu Zhang, Min Yang*, Xiaomin Dou, Hong He, Dongsheng Wang. Arsenate adsorption on an Fe-Ce bimetal oxide adsorbent: role of surface properties, Environmental Science and Technology, 2005, 39:7246-7253. 

Supported Projects:

2005-2007   The distribution, transformation and release behaviors of nitrobenzene in polluted Songhua River, Emergency Project for Songhua River Nitrobenzene Pollution, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Environmental Protection

2005-2007  Key technologies for ensuring drinking water safety of Beijing, Technology Development Program of Beijing City

2006-2008   Technologies for bromate control in drinking water, Ministry of Science and Technology

2006-2009   Transformation mechanisms and control technologies for hazardous pollutants in water, Program for Outstanding Young Scholars, National Science Foundation of China

2008-2010   Distribution of Cryptosporidium in drinking water systems of Southern river network areas, National Science Foundation of China

2009-2011   Risk assessment for drinking water, National Major Program for Water Pollution Control, Ministry of Science and Technology.

2009-2012  Simulation and Optimization of Sewage Treatment Processes for Nutrient Removals, China-Japan joint research program supported by NSFC-JST.

2010-2013  Mechanisms of occurrence of cyanobacteria and related harmful metabolites in reservoirs, Key Project, National Science Foundation of China.

2010-2012   Microbial mechanism and regulation principles of sludge bulking in municipal wastewater treatment plant, Key Project, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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