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MOU Yujing
Highest Education  
  18 Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
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Education and Appointments:

Dr. Yujing Mu was born on 17 November, 1964 in Hebei, China.He was graduated from the department of Chemistry of Nankai University in 1988, and got his Master and Doctoral degrees from Research Center for Eco-environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (RCEES-CAS) in 1991 and 1997, respectively. He was promoted as an associate professor and a professor of RCEES-CAS in 2000 and 2004, respectively. He was hired as a Post professor in university of Chinese Academy of Sciences and as a backbone member in Innovation Center for Excellence in Urban Atmospheric Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He mainly engages in the pollution levels and spatial-temporal distribution characteristics of important trace gases in the atmosphere, photochemical reaction kinetics and mechanisms, the exchange fluxes between the biosphere and the atmosphere, the diagnosis of O3-VOCs-NOx sensitive chemistry, and development of instruments as well. He has contributed about 80 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, supervised 15 doctoral students and 2 master students for obtaining their degrees.

Research Interest:

The sources and sinks of atmospheric trace gases

Public Services:

He currently acts as a member of the Committee for Environmental Chemistry (Chinese Journal) and Journal of Environmental Sciences, and a member of the committee for the Open Laboratory of atmospheric chemistry, China Meteorological Administration and for Chinese geochemistry. He was hired as the Part-time Professor by Shandong university.

Selected Publications:

Yujing Mu*, Xiaobing Pang, Jiannong Quan, Xiaoshan Zhang, 2007. Atmospheric carbonyl compounds in Chinese background area: A remote mountain of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Journal of Geophysical Research 112: D22302, doi:10.1029/2006JD008211.
Xiaobing Pang, Yujing Mu*, 2007. Characteristics of carbonyl compounds in public vehicles of Beijing city: Concentrations, sources, and personal exposures. Atmospheric Environment 41: 1819-1824.
Shuangxi Fang, Yujing Mu*, 2007. NOx fluxes from three kinds of agricultural lands in the Yangtze Delta, China. Atmospheric Environment 41: 4766-4772.
Junfeng Liu, Yujing Mu*, Chunmei Geng, Yunbo Yu, Hong He, Yuanhang Zhang, 2007. Uptake and conversion of carbonyl sulfide in a lawn soil. Atmospheric Environment 41: 5697-5706.
Xiaobing Pang, Yujing Mu*, Juan Yuan, Hong He, 2008. Carbonyls emission from ethanol-blended gasoline and biodiesel-ethanol-diesel used in engines. Atmospheric Environment 42: 1349-1358.
Yuijng Mu*, Zhu Xu, 2009. Scavenging of carbonyl sulfide precursor in the atmosphere by precipitation. Journal of Geophysical Research 114(3): D03302, doi:10.1029/2008JD010622.
Xiaobing Pang, Yujing Mu*, 2009. Contribution of isoprene to formaldehyde and ozone formation based on its oxidation products measurement in Beijing, China. Atmospheric Environment 43(13): 2142-2147.
Xiaobing Pang*, Yujing Mu*,2009. Nitric oxides and nitrous oxide fluxes from typical vegetables cropland in China: Effects of canopy, soil properties and field management. Atmospheric Environment 43(16): 2571-2578.
Shuangxi Fang, Mu Yujing*, 2009. NOX fluxes from several typical agricultural fields during summer-autumn in the Yangtze Delta, China. Atmospheric Environment 43(16): 2665-2671.
Xiaobing Pang*, Yujing Mu, 2009. Influences of characteristic meteorological conditions on atmospheric carbonyls in Beijing, China. Atmospheric Research 93(4): 913-919.
Junfeng Liu, Yujing Mu*, 2009. Atmospheric levels of BTEX compounds during the 2008 Olympic Games in the urban area of Beijing. Science of the Total Environment 408(1): 109-116.
J. Liu, C. Geng, Y. Mu*, 2010. Exchange of carbonyl sulfide (COS) between the atmosphere and various soils in China. Biogeosciences 7(2): 753-762.
Peng Liang., Yujing Mu*, Véronique Da?le, Abdelwahid Mellouki*, 2010. Rate coefficients for Reactions of OH and Cl with esters. ChemPhysChem 11: 4097-4102.
Yuanyuan Zhang, Junfeng Liu, Yujing Mu*, 2011. Emissions of nitrous oxide, nitrogen oxides and ammonia from a maize field in the North China Plain. Atmospheric Environment 45(17): 2956-2961.
Yujie Zhang, Yujing Mu*, Peng Liang, Zhu Xu, Junfeng Liu, Hongxin Zhang, Xiaoke Wang, Jian Gao, Shulan Wang, Fahe Chai, Abdelwahid Mellouki. Atmospheric BTEX and carbonyls during summer seasons of 2008-2010 in Beijing. Atmospheric Environment, 2012 59: 186-191.
Gen Zhang, Yujing Mu*, Junfeng Liu, Abdelwahid Mellouki*, 2012. Direct and simultaneous determination of trace-level carbon tetrachloride, peroxyacetyl nitrate, and peroxypropionyl nitrate using gas chromatography-electron capture detection. Journal of Chromatography A 1266: 110-115.
Kankan Liu, Jiannong Quan, Yujing Mu*, Qiang Zhang, Junfeng Liu, Yang Gao, Pengfei Chen, Delong Zhao, Haijun Tian, 2013. Aircraft measurements of BTEX compounds around Beijing city. Atmospheric Environment 73: 11-15.
Zhenquan Sun, Yujing Mu*, Yanju Liu, Longyi Shao, 2013. A comparison study on airborne particles during haze days and non-haze days in Beijing. Science of the total Environment 456-457: 1-8.
Y. Zhang, Y. Mu*, Y. Zhou, J. Liu, C. Zhang, 2014. Nitrous oxide emissions from maize-wheat field during 4 successive years in the North China Plain. Biogeosciences 11: 1717-1726.
Yujie Zhang, Yujing Mu*, Fan Meng, Hong Li, XuezhongWang,Weiqi Zhang, Abdelwahid Mellouki, Jian Gao, Xinmin Zhang, Shulan Wang, Fahe Chai, 2014. The pollution levels of BTEX and carbonyls under haze and non-haze days in Beijing, China. Science of the Total Environment 490: 391-396.
Gen Zhang, Yujing Mu*, Lingxi Zhou*, 2015. Summertime distributions of peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) and peroxypropionyl nitrate (PPN) in Beijing: understanding the sources and major sink of PAN. Atmospheric Environment 103: 289-296.
Chengtang Liu, Yujing Mu*, Chenglong Zhang, Zhibo Zhang, Yuanyuan Zhang, Junfeng Liu, Jiujiang Sheng, Jiannong Quan, 2016. Development of gas chromatography-flame ionization detection system with a single column and liquid nitrogen-free for measuring atmospheric C2–C12 hydrocarbons. Journal of Chromatography A 1427: 134-141.
Yuanyuan Zhang, Yujing Mu*, Yizhen Zhou, Di Tian, Junfeng Liu, Chenglong Zhang, 2016. NO and N2O emissions from agricultural fields in the North China Plain: Origination and mitigation. Science of the Total Environment 551–552: 197-204.
Pengfei Liu, Chenglong Zhang, Yujing Mu*, 2016. The possible contribution of the periodic emissions from farmers’ activities in the North China Plain to atmospheric water-soluble ions in Beijing. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16(15): 10097-10109.
Qianqian Du, Chenglong Zhang, Yujing Mu*, 2016. An important missing source of atmospheric carbonyl sulfide: Domestic coal combustion. Geophysical Research Letters 43(16): 8720-8727.
Di Tian, Yuanyuan Zhang, Yujing Mu*, 2017. The effect of drip irrigation and drip fertigation on N2O and NO emissions, water saving and grain yields in a maize field in the North China Plain. Science of the Total Environment 575: 1034-1040.
Chengtang Liu, Chenglong Zhang, Yujing Mu*, 2017. Emission of volatile organic compounds from domestic coal stove with the actual alternation of flaming and smoldering combustion processes. Environmental Pollution 221: 385-391.
Yizhen Zhou, Yuanyuan Zhang, Di Tian, Yujing Mu*, 2017. The influence of straw returning on N2O emissions from a maize-wheat field in the North China Plain. Science of The Total Environment 584–585: 935–941.
Di Tian, Yuanyuan Zhang, Yizhen Zhou, Yujing Mu*, 2017. Effect of nitrification inhibitors on mitigating N2O and NO emissions from an agricultural field under drip fertigation in the North China Plain. Science of The Total Environment 598: 87–96.
Chengtang Liu, Zhuobiao Ma, Yujing Mu*,, 2017. The levels, variation characteristics and sources of atmospheric non-methane hydrocarbon compounds during wintertime in Beijing, China. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 17: 10633-10649.
Pengfei Liu, Chenglong Zhang*, Chaoyang Xue, Yujing Mu*,, 2017. The contribution of residential coal combustion to atmospheric PM2.5 in northern China during winter. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 17(18): 11503-11520.
Xue Chaoyang, Ye Can, Ma Zhuobiao, Liu Pengfei, Zhang Yuanyuan, Zhang Chenglong, , Mu Yujing*, 2018. Development of stripping coil-ion chromatograph method and intercomparison with CEAS and LOPAP to measure atmospheric HONO. Science of The Total Environment 646: 187–195.

Supported Projects:

Dr. Yujing Mu has been in charge of a number of projects from the National Natural Science Found of China (NSFC) and successfully finished eight of them. He is currently responsible for one key project and one major instrument R&D project from the NSFC. Additionally, he has been involved in three projects from Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), one project from Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), and several projects from Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).        

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