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  Deputy director
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  Shuangqing Road 18, Beijing, 100085, China
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Education and Appointments:


1.Dec. 2005--present: Director, State Key Laboratory of Urban and Regional Ecology.

2.March 2004—June 2004, Visiting scholars, Michigan State University, USA.

3.June. 1999--2005: Director, Professor, Key Lab of Systems Ecology, Research Center for Eco-environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

4.May, 1997---May, 1998, Visiting scholars, Michigan State University, USA.

5.Jan. 1994--April, 1997: Deputy director, associate professor, Key Lab of Systems Ecology, Research Center for Eco-environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

6.Aug. 1993--Dec. 1993, Tufts University, USA

7.1983--1987: Assistant Researcher, Hunan Horticultural Research Institute, Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Changsha, Hunan Province.


Augu.1990—March 1993: Ph.D. candidate  Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences Specialty: Systems Ecology

Sept.1987—July 1990: Graduate student of M.S. Candidate

Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences Specialty: Systems Ecology

Sept.1979—July 1983: Undergraduate Student, Department of Plant Protection, Hunan Agricultural University

Research interests:

Ecosystem services, ecosystem assessment and ecological planning, ecosystem restoration, biodiversity conservation, GIS application in ecology and environmental research.

Research Interest:
Public Services:

Selected Publications:


1.Ouyang Zhiyun, Zhenghua, Huang Baorong, 2009, Regional ecosystem assessment and ecosystem service zoning, China Environmental Science Press, Beijing.

2.Ouyang Zhiyun, 2007, Ecological construction and sustainable development, Science Press, Beijing.

3.Ouyang Zhiyun, Wang Rusong, 2005, Regional ecological planning theory and methods, Chemical Industrial Press. Beijing.

4. Ouyang Zhiyun, Xiao Yi, Wang Xiaoke, 2005, GIS and its application in nature reserve management, Chemical Industrial Press. Beijing

5. Li Wenhua, Ouyang Zhiyun, Zhao JIngzhu, 2002, Ecosystem service studies, China Meteorological Pres, Beijing.

Selected papers

1. Liu Jing, Ouyang Zhiyun*, Miao Hong. Environmental attitudes of stakeholders and their perceptions regarding protected area-community conflicts: A case study in China. Journal of Environmental Management, 2010, 91(11): 2254-2262.

2. Weihua Xu, Xuezhi Wang, Zhiyun Ouyang*, Jindong Zhang, Zhiqi Li, Yi Xiao,  Hua Zheng, Conservation of giant panda habitat in South Minshan, China, after the May 2008 earthquake, Frontiers in ecology and the environment, 2009, 7(7): 353-358.

3. NIU Dong, WANG Silong, OUYANG Zhiyun, Comparisons of carbon storages in Cunninghamia lanceolata and Michelia macclurei plantations during a 22-year period in southern China, Journal of Environmental Sciences , 2009, 21: 801–805.

4. Wang XZ, Xu WH, Ouyang ZY*, Integrating population size analysis into habitat suitability assessment: implications for giant panda conservation in the Minshan Mountains, China, Ecological Research, 2009, 7(7): 353-358.

5. Wei, YC; Ouyang*, ZY; Miao, H, et al, Exotic Pinus carbaea causes soil quality to deteriorate on former abandoned land compared to an indigenous Podocarpus plantation in the tropical forest area of southern China , Journal of Forest Research, 2009, 14( 4 ) : 221-228.

6. Ouyang Zhiyun, Zheng Hua, 2009, Ecosystem service and ecosystem processes, Acta Ecology,  29(11): 6183-6188.

7. Zheng, H; Chen, FL; Ouyang, ZY*, et al. Impacts of reforestation approaches on runoff control in the hilly red soil region of Southern China, Journal of Hydrology, 2008, 356(1-2): 174-184.

8.Zheng, H; Ouyang, ZY; Xu, WH, et al. Variation of carbon storage by different reforestation types in the hilly red soil region of southern China, Forest Ecology and Management, 2008, 255(3-4):1113-1121.

9. Liu, JG; Li, SX; Ouyang, ZY, et al. Ecological and socioeconomic effects of China's policies for ecosystem services, Proceedings of the National academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2008, 105(28): 9477-9482.

10. Cao, Y; Ouyang*, ZY; Zheng, H, et al. Effects of forest plantations on rainfall redistribution and erosion in the red soil region of southern China, Land Degradation & Development, 2008, 19(3): 321-330.  

Supported Projects:

(1) 2010-2012: China ecosystem assessment for 2000-2010, PI, Ministry of Environmental Protection.

(2) 2007-2010: Integrated ecosystem management in ecological fragile regions of China, PI, Ministry of Science and technology.

(3) 2006-2010: Impacts of hydrology changes on wetland ecosystem and in Haihe River Basin, sub-project of Key Basic Research Program, PI, Ministry of Science and Technology.

(4) 2006-2007:Promoting the Governmental Application and Implementation of Nature Reserve Management Plan in China, PI, World Bank-WWF Alliance.

(5) 2005-2007: Theory and methods of three dimension of landscape ecology, co-PI, National Nature Science Foundation of China.

(6) 2004-2009: Land use changes and ecological effects, co-PI, National Nature Science Foundation of China.

(7) 2004-2005: Study on the key issues in the nature reserve law, PI, State Forestry Administration.

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