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National Outstanding Young Scientists Award
CHEN Liding
  Deputy director, State Key Laboratory of Urban and Regional Ecology, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
Highest Education  
  18 Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Zip Code  

Education and Appointments:
Research Professor, Deputy Director,2006.7~present, State Key Laboratory of  Urban and Regional Ecology,Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China (RCEES-CAS)  
Research Professor, Deputy Director, 2002.1~2006.6, Key Lab of systems ecology, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China (RCEES-CAS)
EU (European Commission Financial Project) Fellow, 1998.2-1998.3, visiting scholar, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala. Sweden
Associate research professor, Deputy Director, 1999.8-2001.12. Department of Systems Ecology, RCEES-CAS
Associate research professor, Deputy Director, 1997.8-1999.7. Department of Regional Ecology, RCEES-CAS
NFP (Netherlands Fellowship Program) Fellow, 1996.6-1997.7. Under a Sino-Dutch governmental exchange program. International Institute for Aerospace and Earth Sciences (ITC), Enschede the Netherlands.
NFP (Netherlands Fellowship Program) Fellow, 1993.9-1994.7. Professional training, International Institute for Aerospace and Earth Sciences (ITC), Enschede, the Netherlands.  
Assistant Professor, 1991-1997. RCEES-CAS, Beijing, China
Research assistant, 1988-1990. RCEES-CAS, Beijing, China.

Research Interest:
Land evaluation, land-use/cover change and environmental effects, sustainable land-use planning 
Landscape pattern analysis, design and bio-diversity conservation
Landscape management and non-point source pollution control
Public Services:

2nd-grade  S&T Advancement  of Gansu Province, 2007, key member
Awarded the China Publication Fund of excellence,2006:(CHEN Liding, GUO Shuhai, JIANG Changliang) Ecosystem Assessment and ecological safety for the areas along West-East Gas Transmission Line. Beijing: Science Press  
2nd-grade National Science Award of China, 2005, key member
2nd-grade National Environmental Protection Award of Environmental Protection Agency of China, 2005, key member
2nd-grade Science and technology land and resource, given by China Ministry of Land and Resources (ranked the 6th position):  Indicator system for the ecological evaluation on land consolidation in western typical areas. 
Outstanding Youth Award, given by the Chinese Association of Environmental Sciences, 1999
Science and Technology Improvement Award, given by the Bureau of Land administration in 1997 for  significant achievement on land evaluation and management
Science and Technology Improvement Award, given by CAS in 1993 for the excellent work in the project "Study on early warning of Resources and Environmental issues in China"
Selected Publications:

   1. CHEN Liding, GONG Jie, FU Bojie, HUANG Zhilin and HUNAG Yilong. 2007. Effect of land use conversion on soil organic carbon sequestration in the loess hilly area, Loess Plateau of China. Ecological Research, 22(4): 641-648.
2. CHEN Liding, HUANG Zhilin, GONG Jie, FU Boje and HUANG Yilong. 2007. The effect of land cover/vegetation on soil water dynamic in the hilly area of the loess plateau, China. Catena, 70(2): 200-208.
3. CHEN Liding, I. Messing, ZHANG Shurong, FU Bojie and S. Ledin. 2003. Land use evaluation and scenario analysis towards sustainable planning on the Loess Plateau in China. Catena,54(1-2):303-316.
4. CHEN Liding, Peng Hongjia, FU Bojie, QIU Jun and ZHANG Shurong. 2005. Seasonal variation of nitrogen-concentration in the surface water and its relationship with land use in a Chinese traditional agricultural area. Journal of Environmental Sciences,17(2): 224-231.
5. CHEN Liding, Tian Huiying, Fu Bojie and Zhao Xinfeng. 2009. Development of a New Index for Integrating Landscape Patterns with Ecological Processes at a Watershed Scale. Chinese Geographical Sciences, 19(1):37-45.
6. CHEN Liding, WANG Jun, FU Bojie and QIU Yang. 2001. Land use change in a small catchment of northern Loess Plateau, China. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 86(2):163-172
7. Chen, Liding, Wei Wei, Bojie Fu and Yihe Lü. 2007. Soil and water conservation on the Loess Plateau in China: review and perspective. Progress in Physical Geography, 31(4):389-403.
8. GONG  Jie, CHEN Liding*, FU Bojie. Effects of land use and aspect on soil nutrient in a small catchment in hilly loess area, China. The international journal of sustainable development and world ecology, 14 (3): 307-316.
9. HUANG Yilong, CHEN Liding*, FU Bojie, HUANG Zhilin, GONG Jie. The wheat yields and water-use efficiency in the Loess Plateau: straw mulch and irrigation effects. Agricultural Water Management, 72: 209-222.
10. HUANG Yilong, CHEN Liding*, FU Bojie, ZHANG Liping, WANG Yanglin. Evaportranspiration and soil moisture balnace for Vegetative restoration in a gully catchment on the Loess Plateau, China. Pedosphere, 15(4): 509-517.
11. LI, Qi, CHEN Liding* QI Xin, ZHANG Xinyu, MA Yan, FU Bojie. Assessing field vulnerability to phosphorus loss in Beijing agricultural area using revised field phosphorus ranking scheme. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 19(7):977-985.
12. LU Yihe, CHEN Liding*, FU Bojie. Land-cover effects on red soil rehabilitation in China: a meta-analysis, Progress in Physical Geography, 32(5): 491-502.
13. WEI Wei, CHEN Liding*, FU Bojie, HUANG Zhilin, WU Dongping, GUI Lida.The effect of land uses and rainfall regimes on runoff and soil erosion in the semi-arid loess hilly area, China. Journal of Hydrology, 335(2): 247- 258.
14. WEI Wei, CHEN Liding*, FU Bojie, Lü Yihe, GONG Jie. Responses of water erosion to rainfall extremes and vegetations: measurements and observations from a loess hilly area, NW China. Hydrological Processes (SCI), 23:1780-1791.
15. XU Jianying, CHEN Liding*, LU Yihe, FU Bojie. Sustainability Evaluation of the Grain for Green Project: from Local People's Responses to Ecological Effectiveness in Wolong Nature Reserve. Environmental Management, 40:113-122
16. ZHENG Haifeng, CHEN Liding*, HAN Xiaozeng, ZHAO Xinfeng, MA Yan. Bridging soybean yield variability among fields under drought condition-a case study in a rural village in Northeast China. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment (SCI), 132:98-105.

Supported Projects:
2007-2009: "Scaling Effects and Scale Transfer Methodology in Landscape Patterns and Ecological Processes", Key Project of Knowledge Innovation Program by CAS, project coordinator
2006-2010: "Exploitation and Integrated Ecological Management in the Loess Hilly Area", National Advanced Project of the Eleventh Five-year Plan. Sub-project coordinator 
2005-2010: “Farm Ecosystem management, Its Environmental Effect and Agricultural Landscape Optimization in Chinese Traditional Agricultural Area”, National Basic Research Program of China. Sub-project coordinator
2004-2009: “Land use pattern and ecological processes”. Sponsored by the Natural Science Foundation of China. Project co-coordinator
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