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National Outstanding Young Scientists Award
FU Bojie
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  18 Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
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Education and Appointments:

Dr Bojie Fu is a distinguished professor of landscape ecology at the State key Lab. of Urban and Regional Ecology, Research Centre for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). He is the member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the Academy of Sciences for Developing World (TWAS) and Corresponding Fellow of the Royal Society Edinburgh UK. His research areas are land use and land cover change, landscape pattern and ecological processes, ecosystem services and management. He has published more than 400 scientific papers and 10 books, including Science, Nature Geoscience and Nature Climate change. His prizes include China National Natural Science Prize, Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize of CAS, The Ho Leung Ho Lee Science and Technology Prize-Geosciences, and Award of Distinguished Service of the International Association of Landscape Ecology.

Research Interest:

Landscape ecology and ecosystem services

Public Services:

He is Vice President of International Geographical Union(IGU) and President of the Geographical Society of China, Director-General of Department of Earth Sciences, National Natural Science Foundation of China and Director of Division of Geosciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences; a member of the multidisciplinary expert group on the Intergovernmental science policy platform for biodiversity and ecosystem services; the member of the science and Technology Committee of the Ministry of environmental protection of the state, and the leader of the expert group on "ecological protection and recovery" by the Ministry of science and technology of China.


1.2017 He Liang He Li fund science and Technology Award
2. Outstanding achievement in science and Technology Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences,2016
3. National Sciences & Technology Advanced Prize, the State Council, 2012.
4. Award of Outstanding PhD students Supervisor of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2014.
5. National Award for Outstanding Science and Technology Workers, China Association for Science and Technology, 2010.
6. National Natural Sciences Prize, the State Council, 2005.
7. Award for Young Scientist, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). 2001
8."National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars", NSFC, 1997

Selected Publications:

1  Fu Bojie*, Wang Shuai, Liu Yu, Liu Jianbo, Liang Wei, Miao Chiyuan. 2017. Hydrogeomorphic-Ecosystem Responses to Natural and Anthropogenic Changes in the Loess Plateau of China. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 45, 223-243.

2       Feng Xiaoming, Fu Bojie*, Piao Shilong, Wang Shuai, Ciais Philippe, Zeng Zhenzhong, Lü Yihe, Zeng Yuan, Li Yue, Jiang Xiaohui, Wu Bingfang. 2016. Revegetation in China’s Loess Plateau is approaching sustainable water resource limits. Nature Climate Change, 6, 1019-1024.

3       Wang Shuai, Fu Bojie*, Piao Shilong, Lü Yihe, Ciais Philippe, Feng Xiaoming, Wang Yafeng. 2016. Reduced sediment transport in the Yellow River due to anthropogenic changes. Nature Geoscience, 9, 38-42.

4       Fu Bojie*, Li Yan. 2016. Bidirectional coupling between the earth and human systems is essential for modeling sustainability. National Science Review, 3, 397-398.

5       Fu Bojie*, Zhang Liwei, Xu Zhihong, Zhao Yan, Wei Yongping, Skinner Dominic. 2015. Ecosystem services in changing land use. Journal of Soils and Sediments, 15(4), 833-843. 

6       Zhu Huoxing, Fu Bojie*, Wang Shuai, Zhu Linhai, Jiao Lei, Zhang Liwei, Wang Cong. 2015. Reducing soil erosion by improving community functional diversity in semi-arid grasslands. Journal of Applied Ecology, 52, 1063–1072

7       Hu Haitang, Fu Bojie*, Lv Yihe. 2015. SAORES: a spatially explicit assessment and optimization tool for regional ecosyste98m services. Landscape Ecology, 30(3), 547-560.

8       Fu Bojie*, Wang Shuai, Su Changhong, Forsius Martin. 2013. Linking ecosystem processes and ecosystem services. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 5, 4-10.

9       Fu Bojie, Bruce Jones (Eds). 2013. Landscape Ecology for Sustainable Environment and Culture, Springer.

10    Fu Bojie*. 2008. Blue Skies for China. Science, 321: 611.

Supported Projects:

1.The interactions of Ecosystem and Hydrology in Semi-Arid Loess Plateau of China. (2014-2018), Key project of NSF China.
2.Impact of global change on ecosystem services (2017-2022)
3.International Grand Science Program for global aridland ecosystems (2017-2021)
4.Ecosystem services trade-off in arid / semi-arid regions: impact mechanism and adaptation strategy of climate change (2017-2021)

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