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Faculty and Staff
Xiaopeng GE
Highest Education  
  18 Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Zip Code  

Education and Appointments:

  Educational background 

  2002-2005:  Ph.D, Environmental Science, Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (GSCAS), Beijing, China.

  1988-1991:  M.E., Metallurgical Analytical Chemistry, Graduate School of Central Iron & Steel Research Institute (CISRI), Beijing, China

  1984-1988:  B.S., Chemistry, Hebei Normal University, Shijiazhuang, China

  Professional Experience 

  July 2006 - present:  Associate Professor, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

  Jan. 2005 - June 2006: Assistant Professor, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

  March 2001 - Feb 2002: Senior Engineer, Development Center for Certified Reference Materials, National Analysis Center for Iron & Steel, Central Iron & Steel Research Institute (CISRI), China.

  Research on the estimation and evaluation of the uncertainty of standard solutions.

  May 2000 - Feb. 2001: Visiting Scientist, Institut für ?kologische Chemie, GSF-Forschungszentrum für Umwelt und Gesundheit, Deutschland.

  Working on the method development for the determination of precious metals (Pd, Pt, Rh) in fly ash by ICP-MS after the enrichment of chelating resin

  July 1991 - April 2000: Senior Engineer (since 1997), National Analysis Center for Iron & Steel, Central Iron & Steel Research Institute (CISRI), China.

  1991-1993: engaged in the determination of trace elements in Iron, Steel, Superalloy and Raw materials by Spectrophotometry and Polarography

  1993-l994: worked in Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Analysis

  l994-1998: worked in trace analysis for Iron, Steel, Superalloy and Raw materials by ICP-AES, HG-AAS, GF-AAS, ICP-MS as well as by the Photometric and Polarographic mehods according to different routine analytical task

Research Interest:
Adsorbents for Removal of Pollutants; 
Fate and Transport of Contaminants in both natural waters and engineered systems; 
Physicochemical Processes of the Aquatic Particulates and Sediments
Public Services:

Access to Award for the Science and Technology Progress of Beijing, 2001 (in 2nd Class) & to the National Prize for Science and Technology Progress of China, 2002 (2nd Class)
Selected Publications:
1. Hou Chunfeng, Ge Xiaopeng*, Zhou Yanmei, Li Yi, Wang Dongsheng,Tang Hongxiao, Characterization of nanoscale iron and its degradation of 2, 4-Dichlorophenol.  Chinese Science Bulletin, Accepted.
2. Zang Lijie, Ge Xiaopeng*, Tu Huamin, Wang Dongsheng, Liu Huating, Tang Hongxiao, Preparation of SiO2 colloidal probes and their application in the measurement of surface forces in AFM. Journal of Chinese Electron Microscopy Society, 2009,28(3),214-218(in Chinese).
3. Hou Chunfeng, Zhou Yanmei, Ge Xiaopeng*, Yan Xiaomin, Wang Dongsheng, Preparation and characterization of palladium-loaded chelating resins and their property on PBDEs debromination. Chinese Journal of Environmental Engineering, 2009, 3(1), 17-21(in Chinese).
4. Xiao-peng GE*, Yan-mei ZHOU, Chun-hua Lü, Hong-xiao TANG. AFM Study on the Adsorption and Aggregation Behavior of Dissolved Humic Substances on Mica. Science in China B, 2006, 49(3), 256-266.
5. Xiaopeng Ge*, Iris Wendler, Peter Schramel, Antonius Kettrup, "Application of polyacrolein-isonicotinic acid hydrazone resin for the separation and concentration of Pd and Pt in road dust", Reactive & Functional Polymers, 2004, 61(1),1-10.
6. Xiaopeng Ge*, Baowen Zhang, M. Grote, "Polyacrolein-Isonicotinic Acid Hydrazone and Polyacrylic Acid-thiohydrazide Resins-Synthesis and Sorption Properties for Precious and Base Metals ", Mikrochimica Acta, 1998,129(3-4), 303-310.
7. Xiaohong Wu, Xiaopeng Ge, Dongsheng Wang, Hongxiao Tang, Distinct mechanisms of particle aggregation induced by alum and PACl: Floc structure and DLVO evaluation.Colloids Surf. A, 2009, 347(1-3), 56-63.
8. Xiaohong Wu, Dongsheng Wang, Xiaopeng Ge, Hongxiao Tang, Coagulation of silica microsphere with hydrolyzed Al(III) - significance of Al13 and Al13 aggregates. Colloids Surf. A, 2008, 330(1), 72-79.
9. Xiaohong Wu, Xiaopeng Ge, Dongsheng Wang ., Hongxiao Tang, Distinct coagulation mechanism and model between alum and high Al13-PACl. Colloids and Surfaces A, 2007, 305(1-3), 89-96.
10. Zhang Baowen, Zhang D L, Ge Xiaopeng, et al. Application of multifunction group-containing ion exchange fibres for purification of waste water, Macromolecular Symposia 1996,105:247-248.
11. Hongxiao Tang, Dongsheng Wang, Xiaopeng Ge. Environmental Nano-Pollutants (ENP) and Aquatic Micro-Interfacial Processes. Water Science and Technology, 2004, 50(12), 103-109.
12. Jianhua Pan, Xiaopeng Ge, Ruixia Liu and Hongxiao Tang. Characteristic features of Bacillus cereus cell surfaces with biosorption of Pb(II) ions by AFM and FT-IR. Colloids and Surfaces B, 2006,52(1): 89-95.
13. Binghui Tian, Xiaopeng Ge, Gang Pan, Bin Fan and Zhaokun Luan, Adsorption and flocculation behaviors of polydiallyldimethylammonium (PDADMA) salts: Influence of counterion, International Journal of Mineral Processing, 2006, 79(4), 209-216.
14. ZHAO Huazhang, GE Xiaopeng, Luan Zhaokun, Jiang Zhanpeng, Effects of Ca on the distribution, structure and morphology of aluminum species in polyaluminum chloride, Chinese Science Bulletin, 2004, 49(12), 1241-1244.
15. Jianfeng Yu, Dongsheng Wang, Mingquan Yan, Changqing Ye, Min Yang and Xiaopeng Ge, Optimized Coagulation of High Alkalinity, Low Temperature and Particle Water: pH Adjustment and Polyelectrolytes as Coagulant Aids. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 2007, 131(1-3):377-386.
16. Changqing Ye, Dongsheng Wang, Baoyou Shi, Xiaopeng Ge, Jiuhui Qu. Formation and transformation of Al13 from freshly formed precipitate in partially neutralized Al(Ⅲ) solution. Journal of Sol-gel science and technology. 2007, 41(3):257-265.
17. Jianfeng Yu, Dongsheng Wang, Xiaopeng Ge, Mingquan Yan and Min Yang. Flocculation of kaolin particles by two typical polyelectrolytes: A comparative study on the kinetics and floc structures. Colloids and Surfaces A, 2006, 290(1-3): 288-294.
18. Liang Cunzhen, Wang Dongsheng, Ge xiaopeng, Comparative study on the removal technologies of 2-methylisoborneol (MIB) in drinking water, Journal of Environmental sciences, 2006, 18(1), 47-51.
19. GE Xiaopeng*, TANG Hongxiao, WANG Dongsheng, Lü Chunhua, HUANG Li,Atomic force microscopy and its application in the characterization of environmental samples,Acta Scientiae Circumstantiae, 2005, 25(1): 5-16(in Chinese).
20. GE Xiaopeng*, PAN Jianhua, LIU Ruixia, TANG Hongxiao,Application of atomic force microscopy in the characterization of cell morphology of Bacillus Cereus bacteria in the biosorption process of heavy metal ions,Acta Scientiae Circumstantiae, 2004, 24(5): 753-760(in Chinese).
21. Ge xiaopeng*, Zhang Baowen, Study on the synthesis of Polyacrolein O-Carboxyl Phenyl hydrazone Chelating Resin and its Adsorption Properties,Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis, 2003, 23(6):1122-1124(in Chinese).
22. Ge Xiaopeng*, Zhang Baowen, Study on the synthesis of Polyacrolein Furan-2-Thioacid Hydrazone Chelating Resin and its Adsorption Properties,Ion Exchange and Adsorption, 2003, 19(2):111-120(in Chinese).
23. Ge Xiaopeng*, Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Boron in Ferrrosilicon Alloy, Metallurgical Analysis, 2001, 21(3), 26-28(in Chinese).
24. Ge Xiaopeng*, Determination of Trace Tin in Aluminum Alloy by ICP-AES, Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis, 2000, 20(l), 68-70(in Chinese).
25. Ge Xiaopeng*, Determination of Trace Arsenic in Ferrosilicon Alloy by HG-AAS, Metallurgical Analysis, 2000, 20(5), 53-55(in Chinese).
26. Ge Xiaopeng*, Guan Taoxiang, Hydrid Generation Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometric Determination of Trace Antimony in Ferrosilicon Alloy, Metallurgical Analysis, 1997, 17(6), 39-41(in Chinese).

Supported Projects:
2008.1- 国家“十一五”水专项东江项目课题“东江下游优化发展都市区水污染系统控制技术集成研究与工程示范”(2008ZX07211-006)子课题“水体污染控制总体策略与配套、成套技术研究与示范-印染废水尾水深度脱毒减排集成技术与示范”,分项负责;
2007.1- 国家自然科学面上基金项目课题“水体颗粒物的表征、相互作用及DLVO理论的胶体探针技术研究(20677073)”,负责课题;
2007. 1- 国家自然科学面上基金项目“颗粒物群体微界面吸附絮凝的作用机理和计算模式” 50678167),参加课题;
2007. 1- 国家“973”基础研究发展计划项目“京津渤区域复合污染过程、生态毒理效应及控制修复原理”子课题“复合污染对水体和土壤环境的生态毒理效应与健康风险(2007CB407304)”,参加课题;
2007. 1- 国家“863”高技术研究发展计划项目“优化混凝工艺、水质数据库与控制标准(2006AA06Z312)”,参加课题。
2006. 1- 国家自然科学重点基金项目“环境纳米污染物和纳米材料的微界面反应过程及生态环境效应(20537020)”,参加课题.
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